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Weekly Update for Oct 24th

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I got a tattoo Friday. It’s my first tattoo and probably my last because it hurt like a SOB. I don’t like pain. PERIOD. But to show my support for Breast Cancer awareness, the pain was worth every minute. My daughter and I both got the Breast Cancer awareness pink ribbon in honor of my Grandma Marcella (who passed away in 1981) and my Aunt Rita (who is now in remission).


I was finally hired by the Disability Determination Division of Social Security and started Oct 1. Work provided me with CART (Computer Assisted Real-time Transcription) for training and it’s helping me so much. Many times, the speakers tend to wander away from the front of the room or need to demonstrate something on the computer and I can’t see them anymore. It’s a complicated situation because we have computers in front of us and until they find a place to put us in the building, we’ll be doing our actual work in the training room.

Disclaimer: NO I cannot look up your case on my work computer! We are only allowed to look up the cases we are assigned. And yes, they do keep tabs on where we’ve been in the computer system.

Cochlear Implant

As part of my new job, I recently learned that Cochlear Implant recipients are considered disabled by Social Security for a period of one year following the implantation just like any other organ transplant. I had NO idea and this is a fairly new change. It was effective Aug. 2, 2010.

I tried using an ALD (Assistive Listening Device) during training, but the processor doesn’t seem compatible with the ALD. I used one when I had a hearing aid and thought it would help to use it in training, but the ticking noise was overwhelming and I can’t use it. I’m going to be looking into this over the next few weeks and have my audiologist recommend some products.


Now that I’m working full-time, Charlie is taking a more active role in meal preparation. At least he’s making sure the kitchen is clean and helping me choose what to cook. We discovered McCormick’s Recipe Inspirations recently. I absolutely love the Sage Porkchops and Apples and the Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes. Each one has a reusable recipe card so all I have to do is stock up on the spices in the future. This week we’re going to try the Garlic Lime Chicken Fajitas and the Spanish Chicken Skillet.

Advanced TV

Cox finally upgraded OKC to Advanced TV and I love it! I’ve been able to catch up on my shows and even watch a few shows I’d never seen before. We can only record 2 shows at a time. Plus now we can search by typing in the name of the show instead of having to SCROLL SCROLL SCROLL through the listings.


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October 24, 2010 at 8:49 pm

Even King Neptune Would Approve

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Tonight on Hell’s Kitchen, both teams created three lobster dishes after catching and cooking the lobsters personally. Bonnie created an apple and lobster salad that Chef Ramsey preferred to Melissa’s citrus lobster salad because Melissa’s lobster was not cooked properly. Melissa even stated on camera prior to serving that her lobster was slightly raw. Julia prepared lobster risotto but it was no match for Rock’s lobster tempura. Both teams prepared lobster bisque for the third dish. Chef Ramsey dMelissa is the most recent chef eliminated on Hell’s Kitcheneclared a tie, but unfortunately one team has to lose, and Chef chose Jen’s lobster crab bisque with saffron and thyme over Brian’s version with cilantro (?).

The Red Team won a photo shoot with Chef Ramsey for the cover of “In Touch” magazine. The Blue Team got to sort recyclables. Rock was livid, declaring he would never ask his cooks to sort through trash. Then to rub salt in the wound, Chef Ramsey calls and asks for Rock to show up at the shoot to pick up the trash there.

Prior to dinner service, Chef Ramsey announces the addition of Bonnie’s Lobster Salad to the dinner menu and the Blue Team has to fetch lobsters all evening, even for the Red Team orders. Bonnie was so excited and proud, but perhaps she should have remembered that pride comes before a fall. While cooking the appetizers, the Red Team was on a roll; suddenly, Bonnie’s station goes up in flames and she has NO idea what to do!

Josh and Melissa on the Blue Team kept making one mistake after another, from screwed up appetizers to runny mashed potatoes. I know the pressure has got to be incredible on these people, but they claim to be professional chefs with years of fine-dining experience and should be able to make mashed potatoes! Last episode, the entire show focused on Melissa barking orders and bossing the women around. Now that she’s on the men’s team, she’s completely incompetent and kowtowing to Rock. Thanks to her ineptitude, the Blue Team is shut down for the evening.

Can you imagine being in a restaurant and suddenly the server comes to your table and says, “Sorry, the kitchen is now closed for the evening because our cooks suck so bad.”?

Melissa is the most recent chef eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen

Obviously, as a result of Chef Ramsey shutting down the Blue Team, one of their teammates faces elimination. Chef immediately orders Melissa to turn in her smock and get the <bleep> out of his kitchen. I expected her to leave tonight. But then he calls Josh and Brian up and wants to know why they should stay. After listening to what he considers their pathetic excuses, he allows both to stay.

Watching the show tonight was nowhere near as fun with Charlie out of town. We have fun screaming at the TV together and talking about the show while watching it. I’m sure he’s picturing me jumping up and down because Melissa is out! And then picturing me glowing with pride because Julia, the “little waffle house cook” is still on the show and outlasted several stronger competitors.

My predictions:

  1. Josh will be eliminated next week.
  2. The final showdown will be between Jen and Rock

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July 9, 2007 at 8:05 pm