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Vision is the Art of Seeing What is Invisible to Others

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T. Adam Geurkink, OD

For the first time in YEARS, I’ve finally found an eye doctor that takes my insurance AND offers quality, friendly service! Dr. Adam Geurkink, of Norman Eye Associates, and his staff were so nice to me and so helpful. Not once did I feel uncomfortable in their office, like I have at my previous eye doctors. Dr. Adam made sure I could understand what he was saying at all times. He actually asked me if I had any questions about my eyes. Yes, I know most of you are used to the doctor being professional like this, but my experience has not been the best when it comes to eye doctors.

 The last doctor I used (and I haven’t been back for 2 years despite desperately needing new glasses) wouldn’t talk to me at all. I mean AT ALL. He seemed uncomfortable with a hard of hearing patient.

 My eyes are doing wonderful, just getting older and now I need bifocals. Michelle helped me find a pair of glasses last night that my husband, Charlie, actually liked. Unfortunately, she had to recommend a different pair based on my prescription and the fact that I have bifocals. Then she pulled out a pair and told me I needed to find something similar to the pair she had in her hand. I tried them on and OMG they fit perfectly! I have so much trouble finding women’s glasses that actually fit. One problem: they were purple. Ugh! 

Katie found the frames listed on the computer and discovered they came in brown. Hurray! Michelle showed them to Dr. Adam and he said they would work well with the bifocals. So we ordered the new pair and they cost about the same as I’ve paid at the other doctor. I’m getting the no-line bifocals at the doctor’s recommendation and not getting the transition lenses this time. Michelle recommended anti-reflective coating instead because I find myself shading my eyes INSIDE to see people’s faces. I’m not getting them tinted at this time, but Michelle said I could add one later if I wanted.

I’m so excited! And in a couple of months, I can buy a pair of prescription sunglasses as well. 

Thank you, Dr. Adam and Staff at Norman Eye Associates, for helping me improve my ability to see the invisible.  (And I mean that literally, I’m freaking blind these days.)


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December 1, 2010 at 10:10 am

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